Why meditate?

To surrender the ego.
To realise the point of life.
What we think, we will become.

When I first came across a group of spiritual practitioners I noticed there was a positive vibration, with friendly, non competitive, non judgemental, stable minded people.

My ego was telling me why should I bother to meditate, the world is round, we have to earn money to buy many material things to survive. What else is life for?

To realise that we are part of a nucleus, a consciousness which is controlling the whole universe. Us humans, animals and plants aren’t separate entities (like our ego tries to tell us) we’re one supreme conciousness. After all what happens to the fruit when you have digested it? You can’t see the fruit anymore, but it’s cells are still here, but now form your cells and body. You’re part of a bigger picture – a conciousness.

Purpose of meditation
To withdraw the mind, body, and sensory organs from the external world and concentrate positively on the reality that you’re not an individual but are part of the conciousness which is the universe.

What you think you will become, there’s a philosophy to follow!
Hard to believe right. If in your meditation you concentrate on becoming closer to the supreme conciousness (controller of the universe), by surrendering the ego, you will get closer to your goal of understanding everything is one conciousness.
Don’t try to concentrate on mundane things, your ego loves that, otherwise your next life might not be so wonderful as a human life – the only tool to reach liberation.

Clues that we’re one
OK your ego is preventing you from seeing this picture.
What guided you on this path?
How did I come to create this website?
Life isn’t easy, there’s always struggle to help you learn and become stronger – who’s testing you?

The purpose of this meditation isn’t just for personal development. What about everyone else? They need help and guidance. To offer a service to people whether it’s helping someone to cross the road or helping with relief work in poor countries or in disaster areas will aid them. By offering service and sacrifice your life will be more positive for yourself and others.