Occupy London

I’ve been thinking that I really want to visit the protest site at occupy London stock exchange. When the opportunity came to go I was excited.

What a wonderful space there and a sense of community. They’re looking for a change and are open minded to hear about ideas of life, spiritual philosophy and social ideas such as prout and the wealth cap.

I’m inspired by the community there and their organisation. Lets get involved and spread the word that we together can live together in more harmony by sharing what we have. Without the greedy few spoiling it for the majority. There’s more to life than money, which is just numbers. You don’t need lots to be happy. They’re an example of a community.


Flash Mob Meditation on the steps of St Paul's

I was excited to join the occupy London stock exchange protest. There were over 200 of us collectively meditating together. the vibration was very strong and positive.I felt I was in bliss and I didn’t notice the BBC news presenter filming in front of us!

We all felt the love together in that space on the steps of St pauls near to the stock exchange. Even better to be captured on camera! I was curios to visit the protest as all the occupy protests have hit home to me how we need to express our unhappiness. it’s a way of getting attention. although the mainstream media doesn’t want to publicise it in a good way.

At least together we shared a powerful experience. May there be many more to share.