Occupy together

I’m inspired by the recent peaceful protests all across USA:

For decades people/plants/animals the planet have been exploited in order for a few to gain wealth selfishlessly. They may think they have the wealth to succeed against us. But people power is greater. As there are millions of people in the same team against these few, we can win and show that their ideals are wrong.

99% against the 1%

What’s the answer?
Obviously capitalism has failed:

  • few greedy ones
  • many in poverty
  • countries in debt
  • throw away society destroying the planet
  • selfishness for others, animals, plants for personal gain
  • hoarding of money/material possessions

Communism? No
Socialism? No

Prout? Yes
Progressive Utilisation Theory for a fairer society.
This takes account for the all round well being to cater for everyones:
physical, spiritual, emotional development
and for our environment.