Flash Mob Meditation June 28th

I sincerely liked the idea of public meditation where anybody and everyone is invited.
I decided to go because I was excited to go along with others to use a public space to practice meditation together. Who knows what would happen – we could make more people aware of spirituality.

On the Internet an event was organised in Covent Garden Market for people to gather and sit down together to practise their meditation. Over 50 people attended, surprising since the day before the weather had been sunny with temperatures in the low 30s but on the day in the afternoon there was torrential rain with thunder and lightening, although in the evening there was a little drizzle and the cobbled stone floor outside was dry – fine for us to sit down.

public meditation in Covent Garden

I arrived late to the crowd. I saw over 50 people sat down in meditation. Once I joined in and started meditation I felt as part of a collective nucleus with a strong spiritual flow/vibration. Our minds together were creating a wave of positivity in the surrounding area for us and everything else. I felt my meditation was strong and powerful – our collective spirit was overpowering the static and hectic energy which dominates central London. Individually and alone would have been more difficult to concentrate to overcome the energy, but together we were creating a good wave of positive spiritual energy.

public meditation in Covent Garden

May there be many more similar events to meet similar souls and inspire others.

Link to Wake Up London’s facebook page which brought us all together.