Flash mob meditation Potters Field Park July 28th

What an occasion!
Over 200 people gathered together for meditation next to London bridge and the river Thames, on a beautiful sunny day.

As I arrived in potters field park I felt there was a strong positive vibration. Like in its own bubble. I had joined a nucleus which involved over 200 people.

After our meditation we sang together in a sound bath where we all merged into one. Then we sang John Lennon Imagine together and accompanied by a guitarist.
Best of all we all held hands in one big circle and felt like a family.

The energy felt alive, uplifting, positive and jolly. Everyone was of a similar mind and happy to talk to one and another.

I enjoyed the event to meet other people and to share the positive experience with so many other similar minded souls. We all benefited a lot.

A few of us shared nagar kiirtan there that evening which added its positive impression to the people and environment. I and many others enjoyed the outdoor kiirtan very much.

Next flash mob meditation in London 27th August Trafalgar Square:


Come and share the wonderful time together!