Stoke Newington

  • * The final day to a 10 day tour singing/chanting/dancing kiirtan in various locations around England.
  • * The second most popular kiirtan, with over 25 people.
  • * Will it end on a climax?
  • * After all, the next day we will be gagging and desperate to start kiirtan wherever we will go

I felt this was the best akhanda (forever – well at least 3 hours) kiirtan in this location which has had many previous akhanda kiirtans in the past. I was blissed from the tour and gave this positive energy to the kiirtan here, along with the other tour goers. The tour goers started the kiirtan together and were joined by many more people throughout the 3 hours.

Yes we had the love and grace from god/everything/all from many of us singing our love for god/everything/all, thereĀ  was a positive and uplifting end to the kiirtan. Which made the experience of the past 3 hours seem worthwhile. I was smiling, happy, inspired and nearly close to jumping with joy. The collective atmosphere added to the enjoyment with many people there to share the experience. I felt there wasn’t as much happiness and bliss as in Arkengarthdale on Friday evening, which was still the highlight for me.