Stoke Newington

  • * The final day to a 10 day tour singing/chanting/dancing kiirtan in various locations around England.
  • * The second most popular kiirtan, with over 25 people.
  • * Will it end on a climax?
  • * After all, the next day we will be gagging and desperate to start kiirtan wherever we will go

I felt this was the best akhanda (forever – well at least 3 hours) kiirtan in this location which has had many previous akhanda kiirtans in the past. I was blissed from the tour and gave this positive energy to the kiirtan here, along with the other tour goers. The tour goers started the kiirtan together and were joined by many more people throughout the 3 hours.

Yes we had the love and grace from god/everything/all from many of us singing our love for god/everything/all, there  was a positive and uplifting end to the kiirtan. Which made the experience of the past 3 hours seem worthwhile. I was smiling, happy, inspired and nearly close to jumping with joy. The collective atmosphere added to the enjoyment with many people there to share the experience. I felt there wasn’t as much happiness and bliss as in Arkengarthdale on Friday evening, which was still the highlight for me.


After yesterdays experience I was positive we could have a better vibration as a few of us had carried their vibration to Birmingham from the previous kiirtans on the tour and steadily felt more blissed like it was accumulating each time.

This location was much smaller and more had more people than in Arkengarthdale. About 17 people were there to collectively vibrate the place. We tried to spread the positive vibration to the building, The time here passed more quickly for me. There wasn’t a climax like the day before in Arkengarthdale, but we had the grace of His love at the end (the returning of god/everything/all’s love). I felt happy at the time during the kiirtan.

people singing kiirtan and dancing people singing kiirtan and dancing


Our priority was to make an appearance to the place where the idea of the tour began, last November.

main room where people are singing kiirtanThere were 10 of us singing together in such a large room inside a friend’s house which previously was a school. There was plenty of space around for us to dance individually and not be concerned about touching others. This meant we could surrender our ego and spend more energy thinking about the Love for god/everything/all.

Towards the end of the kiirtan we call experienced the same extreme happiness, from the controller of the universe. We were collectively calling His name and we were given His love and grace. We felt His bliss.

main room where people are singing kiirtan

I felt like this experience/time at the moment was similar to a child’s extreme happiness. The difference is the child’s happiness is driven by external objects/events such as receiving a gift or going to a place which is exciting or fun, whereas this happiness we had is available from within – it’s internal. Part of ourselves. We all collectively sang His name with love towards Him and we got love in return. We felt light and so happy that we wanted to dance and jump high. I certainly felt blissed.

This was the highlight of the tour so far.

That evening a friend suggested for me to join them at 5am to sing kiirtan and practice meditation together. I was having doubts after going to bed after midnight, I didn’t set an alarm for that early time. In the morning I heard an alarm at 4:45 and someone using the shower in the bathroom nearby. I looked at the clock until 5am and then decided to get up! I’m glad because the 15 mins of kiirtan were great and best of all I sat for over 35 minutes in meditation which felt very positive and uplifting, especially from the vibration and energy left from the evening before. It was my best early morning meditation ever.

evening sun and view of a hillside


About 12 of us gathered in the spiritually vibrated room in the location of Chorlton.

meditation room in ChorltonWe sang kiirtan for 3 hours, at least at one point we were expecting something more. We were shouting and singing the name of god to come and grant us with His love and add a touch to our experience at the present time. But a few of us felt that this gem didn’t make an appearance on this occasion.

It was a joy to be back in my old home and share the time and experience of this kiirtan with these few spiritually minded people.

kiirtan in Chorlton people singing kiirtan and dancing, also one drummer

Again we left a positive impression on the building and surrounding area by collectively singing kiirtan together for 3 hours.



About 20 of us gathered to sing kiirtan together in a room at the university of liverpool’s guild of students.

The place had previously been vibrated a little in classes but this was the first 3 hours session there.

We felt incredibly blissed and vibrated by sharing the experience together of singing and ideating upon the mantra. At one point I left the room for a few minutes and when I returned I felt like I was diving into a pool of positive energy and love, it was blissful in the room at the time.

We left our positive impression to the local environment.

After 6 days of kiirtan I felt the love and happiness improv and got stronger every day. Plus I’m looking forward to the rest of the tour.